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Tue, Oct 29, 2013 10:00 AM

Comcast WAN Routing Issue

We have a client that has 3 locations being serviced by Comcast.

All locations have static IP addresses.

The 2 locations have IP addresses that appear to sit on the same subnet, say and (not actual IP's)

The other location's IP address is totally different, say 75.140.x.x.

They have a web/application server at one of the locations having the 171.10.10.x static IP address.

Any external requests other than one originating from the 171.10.10.x IP address can get to and resolve the web server IP address.


Placed a call to Comcast Business Support and they sent a Signature support technician onsite who came to the same conclusion that i did, the two networks will not allow inbound traffic back and forth. We even tested trying the IP address of the location that has the web server; it failed to resolve.


The original ticket/call was placed on Thursday; onsite tech came out on Saturday. After the onsite visit which lasted close to an hour, he told me someone from Tier 2 or IP Provisioning would call within 4 hours. It's been over 48hours without a resolution and the client is not happy with this type of 'Business Class' service. Even the onsite tech they sent out agrees Comcast does not know what is going on. They keep opening trouble tickets to send a tech to check the signal, when clearly its not a signal issue; the router(s) are both online and users can get to the internet without a problem.


As it is, the client is contemplating jumping ship to a different provider.


Has anyone had any similar issues with Comcast before?





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7 y ago

Welcome acgsupport.  Please send me  private message with the actual IP address and I will engage our Network Operations team to investigate this issue.


Thank You



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It could be a problem to have 2 separate sites in the same subnet. They _should_ be able to coexist in the same /24 as long as they are in different subnets in the /24. Depending on your routers, check to make sure the WAN interface at each site is truly using a different subnet within the /24. Use the packet monitor on your router to verify that the packet for the other site is really being routed out the WAN interface.


This could be a Comcast problem with routing, or it could be an issue with your routers.


Take care!