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Sat, Apr 13, 2013 11:00 AM

Incorrectly provisioned?

I signed up for the starter tier (16/3) but all my speed tests give me around 2mb down / 40mb upload as seen here:


Did they incorrectly provision my account? I was also told that my bill with internet telephone & TV would be a certain amount but when I logged in today, the recurring charge is $60 higher then what I was quoted.




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8 y ago

Hello DavidH, welcome to the forum.


You are right, your speed should be up to 16/3 but getting 2/40 is absurd.

To assist on the troubleshooting I recommend speed test using the following two sites for comparison and please repost with the result. The result from these sites will help the community from assisting.




For your billing issue our sales/billing department agent will be best to assist to your query.

Additionally please log on to your business portal and check your current billing statement for information.


Thank you

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8 y ago

David that sounds to me like an ethernet duplex issue.


If your set to half duplex and for some reason the modem negotiated full duplex, then you would be fine uploading but all hell would break loose downloading.


Do you have a switch in between the modem and your PC?