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Fri, Jul 14, 2017 6:00 PM

See you in court

Not removing my unreturned equipment fee just makes my case easier. Facebook chat agent told me we added that fee on the day service was disconnected and will be reversed on the next billing cycle. So I have to pay it and wait for a refund? What other company on the planet does that? Comcast has no ethics and they want to steal from you, hoping you will give up the fight. I'm filing my case Monday.


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4 y ago

I apologize for any confusion there has been with your account. Would you please email a copy of your return invoice to Once I receive this I can escalate to have this fee removed. Please send me a private message alerting me to your sending the email.


Thank You

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3 y ago



1. They have IID and documents to prove they are actually an employee of Comcast, not a contractor or collection agent subcontracted to harass you.


2.  The Comcast employee Provides you with a Release of any further liabilities associated with the equipment that includes serial numbers and equipment descriptions, and states all equipment charges are waived or paid in full.


3. The employee makes an appointment in advance at your convenience in a professional manner and agrees with all of the above.



4. If you are told  that you have to box up and ship equipment.back to Comcast, ask to be provided with the specific section of the contract which obligates you to take on that responsibility.  


5.   Do not deal with or even recognize as human beings anyone who makes demands upon you but are not or cannot prove they are employed by Comcast.   As for collection agents  NEVER TALK TO THEM, NEVER.  IF YOU PICK UP THE PHONE  BY MISTAKE SIMPLY SAY “HOUSEKEEPING” or “ROOM SERVICE”,  or more simply hang up.

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