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Wed, Apr 19, 2017 9:00 AM

Got SCREWED OVER and ignored by multiple Comcast reps. NOT happy

I switched my business phone/internet services over from Verizon to Comcast December 30th 2016. I agreed to a 2 year contract with a free 2nd month of service and a $300 visa gift card. More than 4 months later and I have received Neither. I also received a $400 ETF from Verizon that I was unaware of, so I called and questioned a Comcast rep about it, he told me that my rep should have called Verizon with me when switching over to ensure no fees would be applied and to contact the rep I had my contract through. 


I then emailed JAMIE (the rep I had my contract with), he replied "Hello.... how would a rep know your contract was up?" I said I had no idea as I did not work for a phone company but I asked why the other rep I had spoken to offered to make sure I would not have had ETF's and why he did not? He asked "who told you that?" I replied with the reps name and HE HAS NOT REPLIED SINCE. That was February 18th!  I emailed him 2 more times and got no response. Once, yes was a sarcastic email thanking him for his "help" and the second was to let him know that I was disappointed with my service (and customer service) as my wi-fi is slower than ever, credit cards processes disconnect every 4th or 5th transaction and that for an entire day I had no internet or phone (as a business, that is how all my clients contact me so it's unacceptable).


I then called customer care to put in a complaint because not only did I not receive any of the perks he offered with the new contract but he is clearly just ignoring my messages and not responding. I should just assume he was removed from his position as his emails to me were rude and not very professional for someone who is in the service industry. 

I attempted to contact his supervisor whose name I was told was Justin Zitoli. I emailed him with the back story and got a call back from a Jason who said he received my email (though it was sent to  and he left his number that he could be reached at to call him back. I have called this phone number Every Single Day since he called me 3 and a half weeks ago and NOT ONCE has it connected to either a human or even an answering machine!! 

I have to assume that either 1. he gave me a false number or 2. he has the same crappy Comcast service that I do!


The phone either rings busy, says "this call cannot be completed as dialed" or will ring 2 or 3 times then beep like a fax machine. I did email him again letting him know that the number was unable to connect and that I would be in with clients and gave him a few time frames when I would be available to be reached. He called during a time I was unavailable and left me a message leaving the same phone number and replied he would call me back at 5pm that day so I made sure I was next to a phone as not to miss him again. He never called back and his stupid phone number Still does not work. 


I am SO PISSED. I am now stuck in a contract with a company I cannot stand, I received absolutely nothing for switching companies, my bill is $50 more than it was with Verizon and my service is terrible, I can't get an answer from my rep and his supervisor gives me a fake number to call him back on. 


I don't even know who to contact at this point because my complaints all fall on deaf ears. This has been the worst customer service I have ever dealt with.


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4 y ago

Hey thanks Comcast for editing my post, how about some help instead?